A radio programme that would receive little support in this country

I firmly believe what I wrote above, but clearly there is some support, else Chad would not have sent it to me and I would not be listening it to the neglect of nearly all else.

This is not a usual post, but a PSA and free advertising for the BBC. It is In Our Time, a radio series dedicated to history, science, modern times–any so-called “serious” endeavour, or so it seems. It is topical, so the first two I listened two were on Robin Hood and Historiography. Hugely interesting getting to listen to specialists, most with British accents talk about the issue. In these first two segments, I probably have three posts I am writing–and this is without really having an opportunity to listen with rapt attention.

In Our Time

One thought on “A radio programme that would receive little support in this country

  1. You link to the History subtopic, but I recommend all of the topics. They put out a new show each week on a wide variety of topics including science, philosophy, history, etc. I agree that it is rather nice to listen in on expert discourse, but the host does an excellent job of structuring the conversation so that it is accessible to everyone.

    And for some reason I’m always amused when one of their experts has an American accent.


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