Eumenes of Cardia

One of the more atypical characters from Alexander’s succession was Eumenes of Cardia, a court scribe who had a gift for command. Besides holding commands late in Alexander’s life, Eumenes routinely beat some of Alexander’s best commanders in the years following 323.

This is not meant to be a biography of this man, but rather a suggestion to read the book Eumenes of Cardia: A Greek among Macedonians. Unlike most of the books on Alexander which focus on that one man, this breaks down into two sections. First, a recounting of Eumenes from birth to death, followed by a discussion on citizenship in Macedonia and Greece, wrapped up in analysis of what it meant to be Greek or Macedonian. As one of the ongoing scholarly debates in the field, and one of the ways in which scholarship on Macedonia can progress, this book is top notch.

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