Assorted Links

  1. Wojtek: The Bear that Joined the Polish Army and Fought the Nazis– A piece in Der Spiegel’s history portal about a bear that a number of Polish soldiers ended up enrolling into the Polish Army so that they could get it through military bureaucracy and have it participate in the invasion of Sicily. Supposedly the bear was able to carry mortar shells for the unit in Italy.
  2. Latest Word on the Campaign Trail? I Take It Back– A story in the New York times that looks at one of the developments in campaigning coming about in this 2012 election cycle, namely that campaigns are giving quotes to reporters on the condition that they are allowed to review and veto usage of the quotes.
  3. World’s Greatest Athlete Forced Back Into Diamond Mine at Gunpoint – Comic and depressing.
  4. Brian Shaw, the Strongest Man in the World– A profile in the New Yorker of Brian Shaw and the sport of strongest man competitions. The main disappointment is that the article hints at discussion of forces acting on the body, but that is more of background in the article, rather than its purpose.
  5. ProLife For Congress 2012 -This man actually changed his name to Pro-Life, lost a gubernatorial race and is now running for Congress. Regardless of political orientation, we should all be able to agree that this is rather extreme. Thanks to Joe for bringing this to my attention.

What else is out there?