Assorted Links

  1. Marilyn Monroe: A proto-feminist– an extract from a Marilyn Monroe biography that suggests that she was a troubled person, but should not be dismissed (as she was by early feminists) as merely the willing toy of powerful men.
  2. What it Means to See the World With an Eye Toward a Facebook Update– An op-ed about the idea that our collective uncertainty about the place and position of Facebook is nothing new, but just the latest outgrowth of a consistent feature of the human experience. The author also concludes that Facebook is real life.
  3. Mitt Romney And Father Follow Bush Family Father-Son ReversalA story in the Huffington Post about how Mitt Romney is in many ways the opposite of his father in the same way that George W. Bush was the opposite of his father. It brings up some good points, but I think it is rather superficial punditry.
  4. No More Urban Officers?– An article in The Atlantic about the changing demographic of the military in general and the officer corps in particular. The main argument is that city schools are suffering a decline in ROTC programs, while the most successful programs are at large, relatively rural, state schools have more. It does not actually address the total numbers of people enrolled in the ROTC programs rather than total number of programs, though.
  5. Is Medical School A Worthwhile Investment for Women?-A report about a study that claims that, after taking into account time and costs, women would make more money as a physician’s assistant than they would as a primary care physician.
  6. Sadly, Nation Knows Exactly How Colorado Shooting’s Aftermath Will Play OutFrom time to time the Onion is accurate enough that its political satire transcends humor into the realm of the depressing. “Oh, and here’s another thing I hate I know,” Brennen continued, “In exactly two weeks this will all be over and it will be like it never happened.”
  7. As always, comments encouraged. What else is out there?

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