Assorted Links

  1. Ryan’s Record on Issues-An account of Paul Ryan’s record on education from the Chronicle.
  2. ‘Supporting Our Troops’ Has Become an Exercise in Denial-From Jonathan Jones, this article in the New Republic assesses the disconnect and hollowness of supporting the troops unequivocally without supporting the mission. In short, the concept of supporting the troops is ritual, but there is no substance behind it anymore.
  3. Turkey and the EU: Turks Question Advantages of EU Membership– An article in SPIEGEL, Turkey has sought membership in the EU for more than 30 years, but in wake of the recent economic downturn, the majority of Turks are ambivalent or opposed to membership. Turkey’s economy is growing, and though some sectors would like to see friendlier trading opportunities with Europe, most of the people (including the government) see EU membership as a long term goal, and one that will help with social issues, and thus are only willing to join on their own terms.
  4. UN report slams Assad forces for war crimes– An article in Al Jazeera about the UN report condemning the government forces in Syria for war crimes, though it points out that there have been human rights violations committed by both sides as fighting has escalated.
  5. Kangaroos Escape From German Zoo With Help from Wild Animals– In Germany a wild boar and a fox were trying to break into the zoo. Each dug under one fence, the fox getting into the Kangaroo enclosure. Three kangaroos escaped and made it 15 km before being caught by police.
  6. As always, comments encouraged. What else is out there?

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