Assorted Links

  1. Peru’s Nazi party leader believes even the conquistadors were Jews-An article in the Guardian about a man trying to get official recognition for the Nazi party in Peru believes that Churchill, Teddy Roosevelt, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara–and Fransisco Pizarro–had Jewish roots and therefore that Jews have been terrorizing Peruvians for a very long time. His quote “The Jew Pizarro and his band of genocidal Jews killed millions of native Peruvians in their mission to possess our gold.” It might be funny, if it weren’t so depressing.
  2. Pussy Riot Band Members Found Guilty in Russia-Officially, the charge is “hooliganism motivated by religious hatred,” and the judge cited their clothing being against the Orthodox Church’s dress code (they wore short skirts and bright colors). UPDATE: The sentence is for two years in jail.
  3. Scholars, Spies, and Global Studies-An op-ed in the Chronicle about the development of global studies following World War Two, and suggesting that specialized local studies should be incorporated into the general curricula in order to actually provide a globalized education.
  4. Foreign Policy: How Wikileaks Blew It-An article at NPR about how Julian Assange and Wikileaks lost credibility as an “anti-secrecy” organization because he was (seen, anyway) as specifically anti-American, despite claiming to have a lot of secrets about Russia and China.
  5. Cambodia Ancient Buddha Statues Found By Bathing Children-The statues are thought to be a thousand years old, but have been taken to a museum while investigating the authenticity. The children were bathing in a newly dug pond.
  6. As always, comments encouraged. What else is out there?

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