Assorted links

  1. Chilean Rebel Camila Vallejo– A profile in the Guardian of Camila Vallejo, a student radical who led student strikes that cancelled much of the academic year. She began by demanding free education (most students do not get a free high school education and college costs around 3,400 dollars in a country where the average salary is 8,500 dollars. The strikes were met with violence and, it is reported, sexual abuse of students. She has since decided that there is an underlying structural problem in the country, believing that there has not been enough change since the days of Pinochet.
  2. Congo’s Eastern Crisis– A story in the Economist about a province of the Congo perhaps leaving the country after rebel forces took the town of Goma–while UN peacekeepers watched.
  3. ”Being Tolkien’s grandson blocked my writing…”– an interview with Simon Tolkien, J.R.R.’s grandson, on the Guardian. The article is a series of thoughts and comments about the author, particularly that J.R.R. was upset that the Silmarillion was deemed unpublishable.
  4. Let Women Fight– An article (available for a limited time only) in Foreign Affairs about lifting the ban on women in combat situations.
  5. Norway bans zombie advert from daytime TV– A sporting goods company stopped airing an advertisement during the day that features a zombie attack on a suburban neighborhood after viewers complained that it was stupid and provocative.

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