Sandwiches and Unicorn Reindeer

I have a propensity to indulge my curiosity and since I have done the (admittedly indulgent and abbreviated) research today, I thought I would share:

The sandwich gets its name from the Earl of Sandwich, merely one of the most famous aficionados of a more widespread popular movement at first associated with relatively scandalous behavior. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, though, the first written use of “sandwich” was in a journal entry in 1762 by the politician and notable famous as a historian, Edward Gibbon. The third record? Jane Austen.

There was a book published in 1913 entitled Reindeer in Europe to the time of Alexander and Caesar.

Reindeer may well have existed in some form in Europe. Aristotle and Theophrastus describe reindeer existing in Scythia. Julius Caesar described bos cervi figura or ox shaped like stag (BG 6.26), with a single horn in the center of their foreheads. Thus, in a description of the fantastical forest fauna of the German wood, Caesar describes unicorn reindeer.

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