What is making me happy: Cowboy Mouth

Following the model of NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour and its final segment, I am using some of these posts as a reminder to myself that there are things that bring me joy and as a means of posting recommendations of things–usually artistic or cultural, sometimes culinary–that are worth consuming.

My big failing in the trivia night I usually go to is that I have gaping blind spots when it comes to music. I’ve always said I like what I like and don’t usually go out looking for new stuff. However, I have recently started listening to Spotify’s “discover weekly” and then listening to full albums from the artists whose songs I liked. Yesterday I came across the group Cowboy Mouth, a New Orleans rock group whose driving sound and bombastic lyrics I am quite enjoying. I don’t agree with the lyrics in every song, but neither do I find them objectionable the way I do in some songs commonly on the radio.

There weren’t many high quality videos I could find, but this is one of the more popular songs, “Jenny Says”:

And then there is the ever-subtle “Do You Want To Do It Right Now”:

Eight things I liked and didn’t like about The Force Awakens

I am a book person, for better and worse. I even have a bad habit of dismissing things designed for visual representation because I read them rather than seeing them performed. In the case of Star Wars, I have read both a lot really good novels set in the expanded universe and read a lot of dreck. I went into the The Force Awakens hesitant, but cautiously optimistic that Abrams and co. would make a fun, watchable film. I was not wrong, but neither was I completely swept away. My verdict is that The Force Awakens was good, not great. With that in mind, what follows is a list of things I liked and didn’t like about the film (format adapted from ESPN’s Zach Lowe), and contains mild spoilers.

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