Updating my internet presence: goodbye Goodreads, hello StoryGraph

My brief dalliance with Goodreads ended almost before it began. The account isn’t going anywhere, particularly since I have been been reading on a Kindle and Goodreads remains one of the easiest ways to see my highlights and comments after I return the e-book to the library.

However, on the suggestion of a commenter on the previous post, I started using StoryGraph for the handful of purposes that I had been using Goodreads. StoryGraph as a platform is less mature than Goodreads and I have noticed a few kinks while using it, but I like the interface and that a lot of its features are more sensitive than over at GR. One of the selling points of StoryGraph is personalized recommendations, but while I haven’t been particularly impressed by its suggestions, I also recognize that I am idiosyncratic about my reading choices and have been known to spend entire afternoons combing the internet for suggestions until I find books that strike my fancy. (I also find it relaxing.)

In the meantime, I the parts of StoryGraph that I have used I like quite a lot more than Goodreads and I am more than happy to support it as a company in the place of Amazon. I haven’t had time to write about all of the books I’ve been reading recently, so if you’re interested in following along and at least getting a quick-and-dirty start ranking, you can see it all there.

I keep a list of where you can find me on the internet with a brief description of what I use each site for here.

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