Hailing first from the woods and hills of Vermont, I made my way to Brandeis University and then to the University of Missouri-Columbia where I completed my doctorate in Ancient History.

My primary research is devoted to re-examining the history of ancient Ionia. I am particularly interested in how these people negotiated their position within the context of imperial powers in the region and the interplay between local networks and the competition between more powerful entities.

I am also particularly fascinated by the history of grain and baking in the ancient world and have begun a secondary research project on this topic.

When not teaching and researching, I am a baker, an avid reader, and tend to indulge in a wide range of interests and hobbies, including playing and watching sports, playing board games, and, recently, have been writing fiction on a more regular basis.

See a recent version of my Academic CV or visit my academic profile at Humanities Commons.

Address inquiries and comments to jpnudell@gmail.com.