This is a survey of where you can find me online, as of October 2022

Twitter: @jpnudell

Twitter remains my primary social media platform and has been for nearly a decade now. I use the platform for collecting news, jokes, chatting with colleagues, baby animal pictures, and scholarship, roughly in that order. My usage rate has spiked over the past few years and did again in 2020 when life became suddenly very online, though my activity waxes and wanes. I have largely made peace with it. Despite sometimes falling into a doomscrolling cycle, I am insulated by my presence as a cis-gendered white man and a quick trigger finger on the mute button and so don’t have nearly the same negative experiences on the site as a lot of other people. It can incite rage and fuel my imposter syndrome, but I have also found my community on Twitter to be incredibly supportive and made many friends through the site. I still need to better regulate my usage lest I never get any writing done, but I don’t have imminent plans to abandon the site, the recent Muskageddon notwithstanding.


I created this account as a fallback option for Twitter when the purchase news first broke. I’m not particularly active there at the moment, and I haven’t found it nearly as useful—yet—for my purposes, but I have also spent a decade curating the accounts I follow on Twitter to create an amalgam of pedagogy, history, journalism, sports, and pop-culture so it isn’t realistic to have the same experience from the jump. This has also proved limiting for my engagement to this point given that my activity on Twitter in recent months has largely been as a responder and reTweeter rather than putting out a lot of my own Tweets.

Post: @jpnudell

Like Mastodon, Post is a fallback option should something happen that prompts me to give up that site. If it goes to 4,000 characters, that will probably do it.

Instagram: @jpnudell

My secondary social media platform is instagram, which gives me everything I liked about Facebook with none of the garbage. I use this account to document my baking projects, the books I’m reading, the antics of the cats, and assorted photos of trips and the like. I keep meaning to organize my photos using a Flikr or similar platform, but whenever I go to work on an organizational project like that, I think I should be writing.

Discord: Yes, I have one and I can be reached here.

StoryGraph: jpnudell

This is my current hub for all things books, including reading goals, journals, star-rankings, and to-read lists.

Goodreads: jpnudell

I have had a Goodreads account at least since 2010 and never once updated until recently. I am keeping my account, but do not anticipate updating my profile too often because I am transferring my reading activity to Storygraph.

Facebook: 404 Error Page Not Found

I deleted my Facebook account in 2012, announcing it in a post where I declared that Facebook failed. I should amend this statement. I was commenting on Zuckerberg’s stated purpose of bringing the world together by getting people to live in a fishbowl, but, ultimately, that isn’t Facebook’s goal. Facebook has been unbelievably successful in getting people to turn to it as a standard place to write, communicate, organize events, and post information and pictures. It is an addictive ecosystem that makes it particularly easy for other people in the system to use while being annoying for those on the outside. For all of that, I also believe that my life is better for not having an account.

Ello: jpnu

Technically this page still exists. I liked the UI and posted a few short form pieces and pictures years ago but liked it more in principle than in practice. I didn’t find a community there and without the audience I don’t know if I’ll go back to posting there.

Humanities Commons: @jpnudell

Humanities Commons is a site started as an open-access alternative for, hosted by the MLA. I migrated most of my materials there, but have largely left my page remain dormant, just periodically updating the materials so that they are current. I like HC better than in both interface and ideology, but haven’t found its footprint to be significant enough to justify the time and energy to promote it. I keep much more of this information here on my personal site, regularly updating my research pages, including current projects and publications. I will upload my articles here as they become open access and am always happy to share offprints with anyone who asks for them.

I deleted my account in 2017 after calls to delete the platform by people like Dr. Sarah Bond pointed out its extortionate practices. I have since reactivated my account, but only to read papers uploaded there by mostly European scholars. I feel a smidge of guilt over my lack of reciprocity, but I do not actually use the site myself. My work is available here or on Humanities Commons.

Linkedin: in/jpnudell/

I, uh, have an account here. I built the profile and gradually started expanding my activity when it looked like I was going to be doing a non-academic job search. I intend to be more active in this space in case I need to turn to it for employment in the future.