On the list of things I don’t really have time for, but want to do anyway, is spend more time reading about the mechanics and craft of teaching. This is my reading list that grew out of a list I curated back in 2018 and is updated periodically.

Suggestions are welcome: I am particularly interested in issues of course development and planning, active learning, student engagement, and assessment.

  • Ambrose, S., How Learning Works (Jossey-Bass 2010)
  • Bain, K., What The Best College Teachers Do (Harvard 2004)
  • Bean, J.C., Engaging Ideas (Jossey-Bass 2011)
  • bell hooks, Teaching to Transgress (Routledge 1994)
  • Brown, P., et al., Make It Stick (Harvard 2014)
  • Bruff, D., Intentional Tech: Principles to Guide the Use of Educational Technology in College Teaching (West Virginia 2019)
  • Carnes, M.C., Minds on Fire (Harvard 2014)
  • Darby, F. and J.M. Lang, Small Teaching Online (Jossey-Bass 2019)
  • Davidson, C., The New Education (Basic Books 2017)
  • Dolmage, J., Universal Design: Places to Start, Disability Studies Quarterly 35 (2015)
  • Eng, N., Teaching College (2017)
  • Fink, L.D. Creating Significant Learning Experiences (Jossey-Bass 2013)
  • Gallagher, C.W., College Made Whole (Johns Hopkins 2019)
  • Gannon, K., Radical Hope (West Virginia 2020)
  • Germano, W., On Revision (Chicago 2021)
  • Gooblar, D., The Missing Course: Everything They Never Taught You About College Teaching (Harvard 2019)
  • Gruber-Miller, J. (ed.), When Dead Tongues Speak (Oxford 2006)
  • Harrington, C. and T. Zakrajsek, Dynamic Lecturing (Stylus Publishing 2017)
  • Howard, J., Discussion in the College Classroom (Jossey-Bass 2015)
  • Inoue, A.B., Labor-Based Grading Contracts (The WAC Clearinghouse 2019): free online
  • Lang, J.M., Small Teaching (Jossey-Bass 2016)
  • Lang, J.M., Distracted (Basic Books 2020)
  • McGuire, S. and S. McGuire, Teach Students How to Learn (Stylus 2015)
  • Miller, M.D., Minds Online (Harvard 2016)
  • Moro, J., Against Cop Shit (blog post)
  • Neuhaus, J., Geeky Pedagogy: A Guide for Intellectuals, Introverts, and Nerds Who Want to be Effective Teachers (West Virginia 2019)
  • Nilson, L., Specifications Grading: Restoring Rigor, Motivating Students, and Saving Faculty Time (Stylus 2014)
  • Nilson, L. and L. Goodson, Online Teaching at Its Best (Wiley 2017)
  • Novak, K. and C. Tucker, UDL and Blended Learning (Impress 2021)
  • Nunn, L.M., 33 Simple Strategies for Faculty (Rutgers 2018)
  • Rabinowitz N.S. and F. McHardy (edd.), From Abortion to Pederasty (OSU UP 2015)
  • Stevens, D.D. and J.E. Cooper, Journal Keeping (Stylus 2009)
  • Warner, J., Why They Can’t Write (John Hopkins 2018)
  • Warner, J., The Writer’s Practice (Penguin 2018)

The BU Proseminar in Classical Pedagogy has additional resources curated by Dr. Hannah Čulík-Baird.

Last update: January 15, 2023